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Food and beverage company in Surabaya defeated DC Comics over a trademark infringement lawsuit for the iconic superhero, SUPERMAN! The Surabaya based company said to have owned the trademark since 1993 and renewed when necessary.

Marxing’s sister company Siantar Top, own range of snack products as chocolate wafers. The company brands has strong followers on social media also sells other snack brands product, such as Tic Tic, Goriorio, Suki, Enaak, Twistko and many more.

Many commentators commend the likeness of the brand’s character to DC Comic’s superhero. This proven Intellectual Property is not a game for giant company but is all about how you protecting your brands and rights in the market where you might worth million or billion.

Other example; McDonald’s lost its “Big Mac” trademark in the European Trademark Court. Adidas lawsuit was rejected by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to Taiwan-based Lutong Enterprise Corp for registering its trademark due to logo “confusing similarity” and other products.

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