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In a press release from PROTON Holdings Berhad on 24 September 2019, the Malaysian national automobile maker announced its ambition to be a global, modern automotive brand, at the unveiling of its new logo and tagline.

The new logo, which replaces the previous logo which was redesigned in 2016, is updated to a more stylised representation and rendered in silver with the tiger’s head held high.

Accompanying the new logo is PROTON’s new tagline ‘Inspiring Connections’ which encapsulates the brand’s aspiration of utilising technology and mobility to help make human connections that inspire a successful life.

The Proton logo was first unveiled in 1983 (left most), before going through several changes throughout the company’s 36-year history. Logo artwork sourced from All logos featured here are the IP rights of PROTON Holdings Berhad.

The latest branding announcement marks another milestone in the 36-year old company, which has seen several changes to its logo since its very first version, which featured the 14-point star and crescent of the Malaysian flag.

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