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Piaggio claimed one of the Znen scooters model copied Vespa LX but EUIPO didn’t think so.

Italian motor giant Piaggio has lost a case against a Znen manufacturer company from China. It accused of copying the design and form features of its everlasting model: the Vespa scooter.

Zhejiang scooter’s design. Photo: General Court of the EU

The Italian manufacturer stated that they have been in business since 1945 while the Chinese brand only started since 2005. As such the Vespa manufacturer claim the imitation of their LX’s model in one of the Znen’s model.

The EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruled that Zhejiang Zhongheng industry’s flagship scooter had “its own individual traits” when compared to Piaggio’s Vespa LX, the appearance of Zhejiang Zhongneng’s F9 are more boxy and the LX’s classic series lines are more curve.

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