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Will it work? Probably not, as a brief search in the USPTO’s trademark search system returns multiple filings of the word popularized by US president Donald Trump. But that did not stop a group of journalists from attempting to trademark it.

Fed up with the President accusing the media of biased reporting, the Florida Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists applied to trademark the term “fake news” in a bid to curb the Twitter-happy president.

” Along with several of my colleagues, we’re trying to stop Trump from calling everything he doesn’t like “fake news” in a way that even a businessman as self-obsessed as Trump can understand: trademark law. ” writes Emily Bloch in an article to Teen Vogue.

The phrase, while not invented by Donald Trump, his frequent mention of it – up to 1,206 times at the time of this article, made the phrase popular especially among his supporters to describe news outlets that are critical of the Republican party leader.

While it is not uncommon for businesses to use trademark filings to outmaneuver their competitors through usage denial, this might be the very first time IP is used to refrain political figures from using certain phrases.

Read the original article in Teen Vogue.

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