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Tell someone you drive a beetle, and it will immediately invoke the legendary car produced by Volkswagen in many minds; Say “Mini” and the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic British cultural icon. Such is the power of branding and automotive firms are not shy to use trademarks as an effective marketing tool.

Hence when Honda submitted a trademark application for the word “ZR-V” at the Australian IP Office recently, automotive news portals across the region were quick to pick up on the news and speculate on the upcoming model.

The Japanese automotive maker is known to use abbreviations and initials in their recent makes, such as the Honda CR-Z which according to the official press release, stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero”. Furthermore, Honda is also known in the automotive community to produce crossover models, which are essentially combining features of say a sedan and an SUV, and name them with similar sounding abbreviations such as the CR-V.

As the filing was made in Australia, automotive bloggers speculate that the application is a sign that a model will be released for the East Asia and Oceania markets. Honda has not released an official statement to date.

Fun Fact

The recent “ZR-V” application is not the first time Honda has applied for it. In September 1998, Honda filed an application for the word mark “ZR-V” at the Australian IP office, which eventually lapsed and was not renewed.

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