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Google, UNIQLO, and a Malaysian startup among the noticeable applicants thus far this month.

As of this article’s writing, 294 trademark applications have been filed with MyIPO, 185 of them being Malaysian applications, as according to the WIPO database.

Google Registers Latest Maps Logo

In line with its 15th anniversary, world’s leading GPS navigation (and saviour of lost souls in KL) Google Maps has unveiled a new logo alongside several new functions in the app. The new logo, which replaces the familiar drop pin on a square map icon, is filed through Shearn Delamore & Co and is currently ‘Under Formality Validation’.

Japanese Fashion Brand Files Updated Logo?

We admit, we had to do a double take while reading this application.

According to the WIPO database, the universally recognizable fashion retailer filed their application through IP firm Skrine. In their last application made in 2014, the logo contains the Japanese text version to the left of the alphabetical logo.

In another application made in 2010 however, the logo is visually similar to the latest application with minor differences in colour tone. The application is due to expire this June 2020 and is not expected to be renewed.

The latest application is an interesting case study indeed, as it reflects the latest evolution and changes that the company is making towards its brand appearances, and how trademark applications are filed to protect all variations, and even give us a glimpse of a company’s directions.

Budding Startup Files Its First Trademark Application

F&B solutions provider Order-lah has filed a trademark earlier this month through the IP firm NBS Intellectual, according to the WIPO database.

The company, which was founded in 2016, provides cloud-based ordering and payment solutions for the F&B industry.

All logos featured here are taken from the WIPO database, and is the intellectual property of its respective owners. HartaIntelek Asia makes no ownership claims to any of the logos featured in this article.

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