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Popular Malaysian Facebook group, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency wallet, and a trend in durian-themed applications spotted.

A total of 1443 applications were made last month, 804 of them being Malaysian applicants (55.7%) as according to the WIPO brand database.

Popular Facebook Group Applies for Name to be Trademarked

KL吹水站, a Facebook community group page dedicated to small talk popular among Malaysian Chinese users, has registered their trademark recently through the trademark agency iTrademark Sdn Bhd.

In their application filed on 29th May, the social media group owner registered two marks, an image mark registered under Nice Classification Class 45 (Online social networking services), and a combined mark under Class 35 (Advertising).

The social media group was founded in 2015, and established their official page in 2017. To date, the group and page has over 412,000 likes across both pages, and over 325,000 followers in the official page alone.

The owner of the page, KL Lifestyle Entertainment, has also filed applications for Facebook group names managed by them, among them including 改装无罪 (Modification Is Not Guilty), another Chinese-based fan group on vehicle modifications. The registration of these groups might suggest that the owner is planning to formalize their business and monetize the pages through advertising.

Facebook Files Application for Novi

Facebook has filed an application to trademark the word mark “Novi” on 27th May through IP firm Mirandah Asia.

The name, which is a combination of the Latin words “novus” for “new” and “via” for “way”, was announced recently by Facebook Inc, and is a rebranding of the Calibra cryptocurrency wallet developed by the tech giant. In an article featured by TechCrunch, it is believed that Facebook wants to make it clear that the Libra cryptocurrency project is not a Facebook project, but a collaboration between the members of the Libra Association, a conglomerate of tech companies that is developing the yet-to-launch cryptocurrency.

As of this article’s publishing time, Facebook has yet to set an official launch date for the project, nor mention which countries will receive the service.

Durian Season Brings New Trademark Applications Related to Durian

‘Durian Runtuh’ (sudden windfall) for IP firms and agents dare we say?

The same can’t be said for the durian industry though, as the Movement Control Order (MCO) means that Malaysians can no longer savour the thorny fruit the traditional way – sitting by a roadside durian stall and eat it as you open one fruit after another.

Combined with the recent Ramadan period, which according to a source interviewed by The Star, meant that Muslims are less likely to buy durians as it is considered too heavy to break fast with, reducing the demand for durians further.

And like many F&B industries, durian vendors have moved online to survive this thorny period, using platforms such as Facebook Markets or Lazada to sell their products and create their own digital brand presence at the same time.

And amongst the wave of online durian marketing, these 3 brands (pictured) have taken the extra step and filed TM applications to protect their brand.

Disclaimer: All logos featured in this article are sourced through the WIPO brand database, and are the intellectual properties of its respective owners.

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