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Trademarks are more than just commercial tools to monetize a brand, phrase, or an identity, it also helps you to legally enforce how you wish for that trademark to be used, and prevent others from abusing it, as evident in these news.

Premier gossip website TMZ has reported that the brother of the late George Floyd, Philonise Floyd, has recently filed a trademark application to the phrase “The George Floyd Foundation”.

If the application is successful, it will give Philonise the rights to use the phrase on offline and online materials, which includes plans to use it on a website, mobile apps, and seminars dedicated to police reform, as well as merchandise and charitable events in support of victims of police brutality.

However, Philonise may not be the only person looking to trademark his late brother’s name, as the TMZ also reports that an unrelated person by the name of Munemo Mushonga has also filed an application to use the late George Floyd’s name for “production and distribution of television shows and movies.”

When contacted by TMZ, Mushonga did not reveal why he went ahead to file the application.

However, it is unlikely that the application would go through, as the US Patent & Trademark Office would only allow such applications to proceed if the applicant has received a written consent from the person, or the name has achieved public recognition.

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