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If you’re reading this article, chances that you are already familiar with intellectual property (IP), and how registering your IP protects and enforces your rights as its owner.

And chances are too as an IP owner, you have considered monetizing your IP, either by selling or leasing your IP to someone. This brings us to an important question: How do you put a price on something intangible like an IP?

A Costly Process

The process of determining the value of an IP is called valuation, and it is usually done by professional IP valuers. However, this process is a lengthy one, and the cost of valuation can range between RM25,000 to RM50,000 for valuing one IP depending on the brand’s age, positioning, market size and so on. For most businesses or IP holders, this cost can be prohibitive, and hence valuation is usually carried out by big corporations that hold several IPs of high potential value.

Making Valuation Accessible

With nearly 98% of the global economy comprising of SMEs and startups however, Tee Lin Yik, the founder of Tee IP and his co-founders at believes that there is a solution for SMEs to benefit from IP valuation.

Do It Yourself

According to the prospectus found on, is an automated IP valuation system that is targeted at the SME segment. The platform operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, where the user can upload their supporting documents to a secure online portal, and the system will generate a plausible estimated value based on submitted documents and market data available. The user can then use this estimate to decide if he wants to proceed with a detailed valuation or sell their IP based on this value.

More than just Valuation

Besides IP Valuation, the ultimate goal of is to be a global IP powerhouse by offering a complete package of IP related services. According to the pitch deck, this includes a platform for trading IP, valuation software, IP registration, patent analytics, training and advisory services.

Behind the Scenes

For investors, one crucial factor in deciding whether a company is worth investing into is the technical background of its founders.

For prospective investors looking at however, it cannot get any better than this. Its founding members are from Tee IP, a leading IP firm and one of the 22 certified IP valuers in Malaysia. Each member posseses in-depth experience in valuation, finance, risk management, and IP dispute management. The team is led by Tee Lin Yik, who himself has built a lifelong career in the IP since his days at MyIPO. During his tenure at MyIPO, Tee was involved in multilateral trade agreements on behalf of Malaysia regarding various IP matters and trade agreements. After leaving MyIPO, Tee founded TeeIP, and made it into a leading IP services firm within less than a decade.

Development Status

Currently, the platform is in fundraising stage on the equity crowdfunding platform PitchIN, and as of article writing time, has raised RM502,200.00 in funds out of the targeted RM1.5 million.

Unlike many startups that are plain mimicry of its competitors, appears to be a promising platform that may actually solve a problem faced by growing SMEs. As our SMEs gain a better understanding of IPs and its value, there will be a time where affordable IP valuation services will be needed, and ValuingIP might fill this void where its competitors may struggle to.

Chong Nin
Author: Chong Nin