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Say ‘Intellectual Property or IP’ to someone and you’re very likely to get a puzzled look from them. Now say ‘copyrights’, ‘trademark’, or ‘patent’ and the lightbulb goes off in their minds. And when asked how and why are you not registering your “brand” or “company logo”, the reasons will range from …

“I’m just a small-time business, I don’t have that money to go and do all these”

“Got to go through court to get it settled right?”

“How do I patent my brand?”

And these are just some of the questions that we hear. Probably heard my many IP firms across the nation. To the everyday layman, Intellectual Property is a difficult beast hidden behind legal jargon, and only those who have time and money to hire a lawyer can have it. Hartaintelek will try to help you in this journey.

But it isn’t complicated, nor does it have to be.

And we’re very confident that it isn’t because we’re not lawyers too. That’s why we’ve created HartaIntelek Asia, a place where we try and break down the world of intellectual property.  Into simple facts and easy to read article. We will be partnering IP firms to make your first registration more pleasant.